Friday, December 11, 2009


This week was my turn to pick the ingredient. I really wanted to pick something uber nifty, but I totally forgot it was my turn until 7:44pm on Saturday, sitting in Kevin's room who I hadn't seen in 1 week (and before that hadn't seen for 3 weeks), giving me only 16 minutes to pick something and wanting to get on with my night anyway. Kevin wanted me to pick bacon. I couldn't really think of anything so I went with something pretty versatile: mushrooms. Yeah, yeah, pretty boring, but it will hopefully mean variety in the recipes the girls choose this week.

When I began my recipe hunt, I already knew, before clicking my Google search results, that I wanted to make stuffed mushrooms, because I had never made them before. I flipped through a few pages of recipes on a couple different sites, getting the idea of different things to stuff them with. I kept a few in the back of my mind when I went grocery shopping the other day and came back with what inspired me.

~Stuffed Mushrooms ~
[with bacon, just for you, Kevin!]
  • fry 4 pieces of bacon [low sodium, if you're salt conscious like I am]
    - de-grease with paper towels
    - crumble into a bowl [or use Bacon Bits, if you're a cheater]
  • while the bacon is sizzling, prepare the mushrooms -- 6 medium-sized
    - mine were from a bulk box and smelled like dirt, but I hope you're not moronic enough to forget to wash them...dry them too!
    - remove the stems from the caps/the caps from the stems (you want to keep the caps) -- I twisted and pulled, and kind of dug out whatever clung behind
  • finely cut green onions -- about 2-3 tablespoons
  • finely grate mozzarella cheese -- about 2-3 tablespoons
  • combine the crumbled up bacon, cheese, and onions

  • brush olive oil on the rounded exterior of the mushroom caps [important! do this before stuffing the mushrooms! I neglected to do so until after, which was awkward]
  • stuff the Christmas-colored mixture into the bowl of the mushrooms [and I mean really stuff -- the openings are small and you have a lot of filling! pretend you are at the mall getting Mongolian BBQ and cram as much into that bowl as you can! but be gentle -- the mushroom caps can split]

  • broil the oiled and stuffed mushrooms for 3-5 minutes, or until cheese is melted

  • serve and eat!


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Kenny "The Ricebowl" Lee said...

Haha, Bacon. You should've just went with mushrooms wrapped in bacon.
Oh so much easier

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